Our Mission

To overtake the challenge facing market leaders in leveraging technology to define and adroitly manage  the integration of interfaces through which they interact with their market.

The Journey so far…

Digital technology is challenging tradition, overthrowing old hierarchies and driving today’s economy. It is creating new business models and more efficient ways to transact business and new channels to do so. InfoGraphics is at the helm of this revolution with  a rich and varied suite of products and services that help businesses and organisations make technology work harder for them.


Meet our Leaders

About Me

Mr. OKIGBO, Jr. with a BSC in Computer Science, has led and managed several software and IT consulting projects over the years and is currently focusing the business to meet the challenges of the future.
He sits on several boards and is currently chairman of the Bouygues Construction Nigeria. He is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and a Fellow of the Nigerian Computer Society (NCS).
Pius Okigbo, Jr

Pius Okigbo, Jr


About Me

He has a successful executive record working with the business out-sourcing model, as both a buyer and a seller of BPO services.
As a senior executive in corporate mergers & acquisitions (M&A) of both public and private companies. He has held several executive management roles and managed cross-functional teams including finance, human resources, manufacturing operations, IT, real estate, corporate communications, HSE, supply chain, and logistics in Fortune 50 companies around the world
 Onye Mba Uzoukwu

Onye Mba Uzoukwu


About me

The immediate past General Manager for Microsoft Anglophone West Africa, and currently, a Director of a number of influential ICT and Youth/Leadership Development organisations as well as a key adviser to governments on Information Ecology and Strategic IT, Chinenye is a successful entrepreneur with proven ability to lead teams to grow revenues and market share through innovation and people leadership. He is the pioneer Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of InfoGraphics Nigeria with over 20 years of an eclectic career in Information and Communication Technology.
Chinenye Mba-Uzoukwu

Chinenye Mba-Uzoukwu

Chief Executive Officer

The Intelligent Enterprise

The new dimension of competition has become “how” the enterprise intelligently engages, responds and pivots to the needs of its stakeholders. Our model of an intelligent enterprise derives its competitive edge from its use of technology to gain insight from data, plan, forecast and make timely and informed decisions that unlocks new levels of balanced productivity and efficiency across the enterprise. Its time to harness your organization’s resources and improve business performance with Business Intelligence, Optimised MS Office, Knowledge Management, Enterprise Project Management, Contract Lifecycle Management, Business Process Management, E-Signature & Verification,Cloud Productivity/SaaS. 


The Age of Lifelong-Learning-Virtual Learning

Technology has disrupted the work place demanding in its place, unique responses to the needs of the knowledge worker of the 21st century who must rapidly assimilate, process and creatively deploy knowledge as a factor of production. Out of this has come the new paradigm of learning called Virtual Learning, sometimes described as technology-supported learning. We deliver applications and services used by education end-users, to enable the creation of content, on and offline, and the assessment, tracking, reporting of progress and generation of statistics. Our technology is applicable both in the mainstream education system and in corporate organizations where typically learning is continuous.

The Collaborative Workplace

Collaboration is at the heart of every functioning organisation. it is the core requirement for value creation, the interactive exchange of information, storage and transmission of cognate experience and knowledge, the optimization of workflows and most critically, a key ingredient for innovation in today’s hyper-connected world. Trough collaboration, enterprises harness, channel and intelligently unleash the creative human energy that drives the engines of growth and performance. Achieve a unified enterprise experience using Microsoft SharePoint, and open a window to the next levels of productivity and performance.

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The Paper-plus Enterprise

In spite of the compelling vision of the “paperless enterprise”, physical documents remain core elements in today’s dealings with consumers, businesses and organizations. However, the increasing commercial activity performed through electronic documents and online interactions has led to new types of content that, in many cases, are now required to be protected and preserved. Regardless of the original form(physical 0r digital), our suite of solutions will help your organization overcome the shortcomings of manual paper filing, retrieval and processing of documents. Our solutions include; Capture, Storage and Lockboxes, Workflow Automation, Digital Assets Management and Records Management.

The Agile and Responsive Enterprise

Use interactive technology to market your products, services, personal brand and organization in a targeted, measurable and pervasive manner. The smart enterprise leverages all pathways to the consumer by integrating traditional and new media channels such as Database & Presence Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, and interactive digital solutions from signage to kiosks.


The Engaged Enterprise

The world is connected and engaged at an unprecedented level in human history. The pivot for success has largely resolved to one phrase, “The Smart Enterprise”. Any organisation that lacks the ability to manage the multiplicity of relationships it depends on, internally and externally, will flounder against relentless competition that is driven by technology and borderless in most dimensions.

Integration & Bespoke Solutions

We understand that with technology, one size doesn’t always fit all. Your organization may present fresh challenges that require a unique approach or combination of solutions. We are up for the challenge.

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